Wall Street (1987)

A young and impatient stockbroker is willing to do anything to get to the top, including trading on illegal inside information taken through a ruthless and greedy corporate raider whom takes the youth under his wing.
  • Release
  • 1987
  • IMDb
  • 7.4
  • Duration
  • 2h 6m
  • Quality
  • HD
  • Charlie Sheen
    Bud Fox
    Charlie Sheen
  • Michael Douglas
    Gordon Gekko
    Michael Douglas
  • Martin Sheen
    Carl Fox
    Martin Sheen
  • Daryl Hannah
    Darien Taylor
    Daryl Hannah
  • John C. McGinley
    John C. McGinley
  • Hal Holbrook
    Lou Mannheim
    Hal Holbrook
  • Sean Young
    Kate Gekko
    Sean Young
  • Terence Stamp
    Sir Larry Wildman
    Terence Stamp
  • James Spader
    Roger Barnes
    James Spader
  • Chuck Pfeiffer
    Chuck Pfeiffer
  • Lauren Tom
    Lady Broker
    Lauren Tom
  • Tamara Tunie
    Tamara Tunie
  • Franklin Cover
    Franklin Cover
  • James Karen
    James Karen
  • Saul Rubinek
    Harry Salt
    Saul Rubinek
  • Leslie Lyles
    Leslie Lyles
  • Faith Geer
    Natalie's Assistant
    Faith Geer
  • Frank Adonis
    Frank Adonis
  • John Capodice
    John Capodice
  • Suzen Murakoshi
    Girl in Bed
    Suzen Murakoshi
  • Dani Klein
    Dani Klein
  • Francois Giroday
    Francois Giroday
  • Paul Guilfoyle
    Stone Livingston
    Paul Guilfoyle
  • Monique van Vooren
    Woman at ད'
    Monique van Vooren
  • Sylvia Miles
    Dolores the Realtor
    Sylvia Miles
  • Annie McEnroe
    Muffie Livingston
    Annie McEnroe
  • Josh Mostel
    Josh Mostel
  • Ann Talman
    Ann Talman
  • Lisa Zebro
    Lisa Zebro
  • Rocco Ancarola
    Maitre'd ད'
    Rocco Ancarola
  • Martin Sherman
    Banker at ད'
    Martin Sherman
  • Derek Keir
    Busboy at ད'
    Derek Keir
  • Andrea Thompson
    Andrea Thompson
  • George Blumenthal
    Broker in Locker Room
    George Blumenthal
  • George Vlachos
    Maitre'd 'Le Cirque'
    George Vlachos
  • Liliane Montevecchi
    Woman at 'Le Cirque'
    Liliane Montevecchi
  • Ronald von Klaussen
    Airline Mechanic
    Ronald von Klaussen
  • Michael O'Donoghue
    Michael O'Donoghue
  • Pirie MacDonald
    TV Business Analyst
    Pirie MacDonald
  • Thomas Anderson
    Thomas Anderson
  • Cecilia Peck
    Candice Rogers
    Cecilia Peck
  • Jack Pruett
    Sam Ruspoli
    Jack Pruett
  • Ronald Yamamoto
    Ronald Yamamoto
  • Yanni Sfinias
    Yanni Sfinias
  • Grant Shaud
    Young Broker
    Grant Shaud
  • Carol Schneider
    Carol Schneider
  • Sean Stone
    Rudy Gekko
    Sean Stone
  • Astrid De Richemonte
    Astrid De Richemonte
  • Adelle Lutz
    Adelle Lutz
  • Christopher Burge
    Christopher Burge
  • Richard Feigen
    Bidder at Auction
    Richard Feigen
  • James Rosenquist
    Artist at Auction
    James Rosenquist
  • John Galateo
    SEC Man
    John Galateo
  • Richard Dysart
    Richard Dysart
  • Marlena Bielinska
    Woman in Plane
    Marlena Bielinska
  • William G. Knight
    Duncan Wilmore
    William G. Knight
  • Jean De Baer
    Toni Carpenter
    Jean De Baer
  • Bruce Daniel Diker
    Young Lawyer
    Bruce Daniel Diker
  • Jeff Beck
    Investment Banker
    Jeff Beck
  • Diego Del Vayo
    Commercial Banker
    Diego Del Vayo
  • Millie Perkins
    Mrs. Fox
    Millie Perkins
  • Pat Skipper
    Postal Inspector
    Pat Skipper
  • John Deyle
    U.S. Attorney
    John Deyle
  • Michael A. Raymond
    Trader - New York Stock Exchange
    Michael A. Raymond
  • Eugene Dumaresq
    Trader - New York Stock Exchange
    Eugene Dumaresq
  • Lefty Lewis
    Trader - New York Stock Exchange
    Lefty Lewis
  • Mike Rutigliano
    Trader - New York Stock Exchange
    Mike Rutigliano
  • Heather Evans
    Trader - Office
    Heather Evans
  • Ken Lipper
    Trader - Office
    Ken Lipper
  • Donnie Kehr
    Trader - Office
    Donnie Kehr
  • Elise Richmond
    Trader - Office
    Elise Richmond
  • David Logan
    Trader - Office
    David Logan
  • Paul Kawecki
    Trader - Office
    Paul Kawecki
  • Dickson Shaw
    Trader - Office
    Dickson Shaw
  • Patrick Weathers
    Trader - Office
    Patrick Weathers
  • Jill Dalton
    Trader - Office
    Jill Dalton
  • Allan Salkin
    Trader - Office
    Allan Salkin
  • Oliver Stone
    Trader - Office
    Oliver Stone
  • Michael C. Mahon
    Trader - Office
    Michael C. Mahon
  • Jeff Rector
    Trader - Office
    Jeff Rector
  • Pamela Riley
    Trader - Office
    Pamela Riley
  • Jon Wool
    Trader - Office
    Jon Wool
  • James Bulleit
    Elevator Person
    James Bulleit
  • Alexandra Neil
    Elevator Person
    Alexandra Neil
  • Sam Ingraffia
    Elevator Person
    Sam Ingraffia
  • Anna Levine
    Elevator Person
    Anna Levine
  • Byron Utley
    Elevator Person
    Byron Utley