Videotape (2017)

Suburbs of Rome (Italy), Summer of 1993. On top of a wide valley, a group of four kids has built a small shelter in which they spend the afternoons after schooltime. On one of those summer afternoons, the kids take their bikes and go for a journey through the paths of Tolfa and Allumiere. Suddenly, they discover a beautiful medieval farmstead. They don't know it yet, but what they'll find in it will change their lives forever.
  • Release
  • 2017
  • IMDb
  • 5.4
  • Duration
  • 0h 19m
  • Quality
  • HD
  • Beatrice Mancini
    Beatrice Mancini
  • Claudio Cangialosi
    Claudio Cangialosi
  • Alessandro Rovai
    Alessandro Rovai
  • Domiziano Toniolo
    Domiziano Toniolo
  • Alessandro Cangialosi
    Alessandro Cangialosi
  • Antonio Ciarallo
    Padre di Marco
    Antonio Ciarallo
  • Barbara Marcotulli
    Madre di Vincenzo
    Barbara Marcotulli
  • Michele Fianco
    Padre di Antonio
    Michele Fianco
  • Alessandro Ibba
    Padre di Beatrice
    Alessandro Ibba
  • Valeria Mariniello
    Madre di Beatrice
    Valeria Mariniello
  • Igor Scopelliti
    Compagno della madre di Vincenzo
    Igor Scopelliti