Summer of 84 (2018)

Summer is usually a time for fun and games, but some teens get much more danger than they bargained for after beginning to suspect their neighbor is a serial murderer.
  • Release
  • 2018
  • IMDb
  • 6.7
  • Duration
  • 1h 45m
  • Quality
  • HD
  • Graham Verchere
    Davey Armstrong
    Graham Verchere
  • Judah Lewis
    Tommy 'Eats' Eaton
    Judah Lewis
  • Caleb Emery
    Dale 'Woody' Woodworth
    Caleb Emery
  • Cory Gruter-Andrew
    Curtis Farraday
    Cory Gruter-Andrew
  • Tiera Skovbye
    Nikki Kaszuba
    Tiera Skovbye
  • Rich Sommer
    Wayne Mackey
    Rich Sommer
  • Jason Gray-Stanford
    Randall Armstrong
    Jason Gray-Stanford
  • J. Alex Brinson
    Officer Cole
    J. Alex Brinson
  • William MacDonald
    Sheriff Caldwell
    William MacDonald
  • Harrison Houde
    Harrison Houde
  • Mark Brandon
    News Anchor
    Mark Brandon
  • Susie Castillo
    Brenda Woodworth
    Susie Castillo
  • Jaiven Natt
    Young Kid
    Jaiven Natt
  • Shauna Johannesen
    Sheila Armstrong
    Shauna Johannesen
  • Aren Buchholz
    Aren Buchholz
  • Patrick Lubczyk
    Teenage boy
    Patrick Lubczyk
  • Reilly Jacob
    Dusty Dewitt
    Reilly Jacob
  • Patrick Keating
    Patrick Keating
  • Jordan Buhat
    Dorky Customer
    Jordan Buhat
  • Shahrokh Ferdowsi
    Police Detective
    Shahrokh Ferdowsi