Radius (2017)

Liam wakes from a car crash with no memory of who he is. As he makes his way into town to look for help, he finds only dead bodies, all with strange pale eyes. Liam's first assessment is that a virus is present in the air, but he soon discovers the horrible truth: anyone who comes within a 50-foot radius of him dies instantly.
  • Release
  • 2017
  • IMDb
  • 6.2
  • Duration
  • 1h 33m
  • Quality
  • HD
  • Diego Klattenhoff
    Diego Klattenhoff
  • Charlotte Sullivan
    Charlotte Sullivan
  • Brett Donahue
    Brett Donahue
  • Bradley Sawatzky
    Dr. Mayborne
    Bradley Sawatzky
  • Nazariy Demkowicz
    Nazariy Demkowicz
  • Andrea del Campo
    Scan Technician
    Andrea del Campo
  • Kristen Sawatzky
    Female Cop at Farm
    Kristen Sawatzky
  • Darren Felbel
    Male Cop at Farm
    Darren Felbel
  • Shannon Guile
    Dead Woman Driver
    Shannon Guile
  • Rick Skene
    Dead Truck Driver
    Rick Skene
  • Terry Ray
    Police Officer
    Terry Ray
  • Joe Cobden
    Sheriff Laredo / TV Reporter
    Joe Cobden
  • Alicia Johnston
    Cop in Hospital 1
    Alicia Johnston
  • Garth Merkeley
    Cop in Hospital 2
    Garth Merkeley
  • Trevor Kristjanson
    Trevor Kristjanson
  • Dennis Nicomede
    Dennis Nicomede
  • Bruce Dinsmore
    Shock Host / TV Reporter
    Bruce Dinsmore
  • Cory Wojcik
    Police Sergeant
    Cory Wojcik
  • Sean Skene
    Cop in Sam's Store 1
    Sean Skene
  • Darren Ross
    Cop in Sam's Store 2
    Darren Ross
  • Robert Borges
    Cop in Sam's Store 3
    Robert Borges
  • Andrea Houssin
    Nurse 1
    Andrea Houssin
  • Mel Marginet
    Nurse 2
    Mel Marginet
  • Julianne Jain
    Nurse 3 / TV Reporter
    Julianne Jain
  • Elizabeth Neale
    Nurse 4 / Operator 911
    Elizabeth Neale
  • Bj Verot
    Bj Verot