Léon: The Professional (1994)

Léon, the top hit man in New York, has earned a rep as an effective "cleaner". But when his next-door neighbors are wiped out by a loose-cannon DEA agent, he becomes the unwilling custodian of 12-year-old Mathilda. Before long, Mathilda's thoughts turn to revenge, and she considers following in Léon's footsteps.
  • Release
  • 1994
  • IMDb
  • 8.6
  • Duration
  • 1h 51m
  • Quality
  • SD
  • Jean Reno
    Léon Montana
    Jean Reno
  • Natalie Portman
    Mathilda Lando
    Natalie Portman
  • Gary Oldman
    Norman Stansfield
    Gary Oldman
  • Danny Aiello
    Danny Aiello
  • Peter Appel
    Peter Appel
  • Michael Badalucco
    Mathilda's Father
    Michael Badalucco
  • Ellen Greene
    Mathilda's Mother
    Ellen Greene
  • Elizabeth Regen
    Mathilda's Sister
    Elizabeth Regen
  • Carl J. Matusovich
    Mathilda's Brother
    Carl J. Matusovich
  • Eric Challier
    Bodyguard Chief
    Eric Challier
  • Willi One Blood
    1St Stansfield Man
    Willi One Blood
  • Don Creech
    2nd Stansfield man
    Don Creech
  • Keith A. Glascoe
    3rd Stansfield man (Benny)
    Keith A. Glascoe
  • Jernard Burks
    Stansfield man
    Jernard Burks
  • Matt De Matt
    Stansfield man
    Matt De Matt
  • Frank Senger
    Frank Senger
  • Stuart Rudin
    Leon's Taxi driver
    Stuart Rudin
  • Lucius Wyatt 'Cherokee'
    Lucius Wyatt 'Cherokee'
  • Maïwenn
    Blond Babe
  • Luc Bernard
    Luc Bernard
  • Joseph Malerba
    Stairway Swat
    Joseph Malerba
  • Adam Busch
    Adam Busch
  • Jessie Keosian
    Old Lady
    Jessie Keosian
  • George Martin
    George Martin
  • Alex Dezen
    Ball Kid
    Alex Dezen
  • Kent Broadhurst
    1st Policeman
    Kent Broadhurst
  • Tommy Hollis
    2nd Policeman
    Tommy Hollis
  • Peter Linari
    1st Security man
    Peter Linari
  • Arsène Jiroyan
    Swat Hostage
    Arsène Jiroyan
  • Geoffrey Bateman
    Swat Chief
    Geoffrey Bateman
  • Samy Naceri
    Swat 1
    Samy Naceri
  • Michel Montanary
    Swat 5
    Michel Montanary
  • Marc Andréoni
    Swat 8
    Marc Andréoni
  • Gilles Kleber
    Swat 9
    Gilles Kleber
  • Christophe Gautier
    Swat 2
    Christophe Gautier
  • Junior Almeida
    Swat 3
    Junior Almeida
  • David Gregg
    Swat 4
    David Gregg
  • Didier Legros
    Swat 7
    Didier Legros
  • Hervé Husson
    Swat 6
    Hervé Husson