Dumbo (1941)

Dumbo is a baby elephant born with oversized ears and a supreme lack of confidence. But thanks to his even more diminutive buddy -- Timothy the Mouse -- the pint-sized pachyderm learns to surmount all obstacles.
  • Release
  • 1941
  • IMDb
  • 7.3
  • Duration
  • 1h 4m
  • Quality
  • HD
  • Sterling Holloway
    Mr. Stork (voice)
    Sterling Holloway
  • Herman Bing
    The Ringmaster (voice)
    Herman Bing
  • John McLeish
    Narrator (voice)
    John McLeish
  • Edward Brophy
    Timothy Q. Mouse (voice)
    Edward Brophy
  • James Baskett
    Crow (voice)
    James Baskett
  • Billy Bletcher
    Clown (voice)
    Billy Bletcher
  • Jim Carmichael
    Crow (voice)
    Jim Carmichael
  • Cliff Edwards
    Jim Crow (voice)
    Cliff Edwards
  • Verna Felton
    The Elephant Matriarch / Mrs. Jumbo (voice)
    Verna Felton
  • Noreen Gammill
    Catty the Elephant (voice)
    Noreen Gammill
  • Eddie Holden
    Clown (voice)
    Eddie Holden
  • Malcolm Hutton
    Skinny (voice)
    Malcolm Hutton
  • The King's Men
    Choral Effects
    The King's Men
  • Harold Manley
    Boy (voice)
    Harold Manley