Dreamcatcher (2003)

Four boyhood pals perform a heroic act and are changed by the powers they gain in return. Years later, on a hunting trip in the Maine woods, they're overtaken by a vicious blizzard that harbors an ominous presence. Challenged to stop an alien force, the friends must first prevent the slaughter of innocent civilians by a military vigilante ... and then overcome a threat to the bond that unites the four of them.
  • Release
  • 2003
  • IMDb
  • 5.5
  • Duration
  • 2h 16m
  • Quality
  • HD
  • Morgan Freeman
    Col. Abraham Curtis
    Morgan Freeman
  • Thomas Jane
    Dr. Henry Devlin
    Thomas Jane
  • Jason Lee
    Joe 'Beaver' Clarenden
    Jason Lee
  • Damian Lewis
    Gary 'Jonesy' Jones
    Damian Lewis
  • Timothy Olyphant
    Pete Moore
    Timothy Olyphant
  • Tom Sizemore
    Lt. Owen Underhill
    Tom Sizemore
  • Donnie Wahlberg
    Douglas 'Duddits' Cavell
    Donnie Wahlberg
  • Mikey Holekamp
    Young Henry
    Mikey Holekamp
  • Reece Thompson
    Young Beaver
    Reece Thompson
  • Giacomo Baessato
    Young Jonesy
    Giacomo Baessato
  • Joel Palmer
    Young Pete
    Joel Palmer
  • Andrew Robb
    Young Duddits
    Andrew Robb
  • Rosemary Dunsmore
    Roberta Cavell
    Rosemary Dunsmore
  • Michael O'Neill
    General Matheson
    Michael O'Neill
  • Eric Keenleyside
    Rick McCarthy
    Eric Keenleyside
  • C. Ernst Harth
    Barry Neiman
    C. Ernst Harth
  • Michael Dobson
    Stranger on Curb
    Michael Dobson
  • Ty Olsson
    Army Truck Driver
    Ty Olsson
  • Michael Daingerfield
    Michael Daingerfield
  • Campbell Lane
    Old Man Gosselin
    Campbell Lane
  • Ingrid Kavelaars
    Ingrid Kavelaars
  • Darrin Klimek
    Darrin Klimek
  • Chera Bailey
    Chera Bailey
  • Kevan Ohtsji
    Tracking Technician
    Kevan Ohtsji
  • Marcy Goldberg
    EMT #1
    Marcy Goldberg
  • Dion Johnstone
    EMT #2
    Dion Johnstone
  • Shauna Kain
    Josie Rinkenhauer
    Shauna Kain
  • Colin Lawrence
    Colin Lawrence
  • Jordan Walker
    Helicopter Sentry
    Jordan Walker
  • Jonathan Kasdan
    Jonathan Kasdan