Being John Malkovich (1999)

One day at work, unsuccessful puppeteer Craig finds a portal into the head of actor John Malkovich. The portal soon becomes a passion for anybody who enters it's mad and controlling world of overtaking another human body.
  • Release
  • 1999
  • IMDb
  • 7.8
  • Duration
  • 1h 53m
  • Quality
  • HD
  • John Cusack
    Craig Schwartz
    John Cusack
  • Cameron Diaz
    Lotte Schwartz
    Cameron Diaz
  • Catherine Keener
    Maxine Lund
    Catherine Keener
  • John Malkovich
    John Horatio Malkovich
    John Malkovich
  • Charlie Sheen
    Charlie Sheen
  • Orson Bean
    Dr. Lester
    Orson Bean
  • Mary Kay Place
    Mary Kay Place
  • W. Earl Brown
    First J.M. Inc. Customer
    W. Earl Brown
  • Carlos Jacott
    Larry the Agent
    Carlos Jacott
  • Willie Garson
    Guy in Restaurant
    Willie Garson
  • Byrne Piven
    Captain Mertin
    Byrne Piven
  • Gregory Sporleder
    Drunk at Bar
    Gregory Sporleder
  • Octavia Spencer
    Woman in Elevator
    Octavia Spencer
  • Ned Bellamy
    Derek Mantini
    Ned Bellamy
  • Eric Weinstein
    Father at Puppet Show
    Eric Weinstein
  • Madison Lanc
    Daughter at Puppet Show
    Madison Lanc
  • K. K. Dodds
    K. K. Dodds
  • Judith Wetzell
    Tiny Woman
    Judith Wetzell
  • Kevin Carroll
    Cab Driver
    Kevin Carroll
  • Reginald C. Hayes
    Reginald C. Hayes
  • Gerald Emerick
    Sad Man in Line
    Gerald Emerick
  • Bill M. Ryusaki
    Mr. Hiroshi
    Bill M. Ryusaki
  • Richard Fancy
    Johnson Heyward
    Richard Fancy
  • Patti Tippo
    Malkovich's Mother
    Patti Tippo
  • Daniel Hansen
    Boy Malkovich
    Daniel Hansen
  • Mariah O'Brien
    Girl Creeped Out by Malkovich
    Mariah O'Brien
  • Kelly Teacher
    Kelly Teacher
  • Jacqueline Benoît
    Lester's Friend
    Jacqueline Benoît
  • William Buck
    Lester's Friend
    William Buck
  • Christine D. Coleman
    Lester's Friend
    Christine D. Coleman
  • Jeanne Diehl
    Lester's Friend
    Jeanne Diehl
  • Audrey Gelfund
    Lester's Friend
    Audrey Gelfund
  • Yetta Ginsburg
    Lester's Friend
    Yetta Ginsburg
  • Sylvester Jenkins
    Lester's Friend
    Sylvester Jenkins
  • Roy C. Johnson
    Lester's Friend
    Roy C. Johnson
  • Eddie J. Low
    Lester's Friend
    Eddie J. Low
  • Ralph W. Spaulding
    Lester's Friend
    Ralph W. Spaulding
  • David Wyler
    Lester's Friend
    David Wyler
  • Flori Wyler
    Lester's Friend
    Flori Wyler
  • Kevin Lee
    Ballet Dancer
    Kevin Lee
  • Marlowe Bassett
    Ballet Dancer
    Marlowe Bassett
  • Jennifer Canzoneri
    Ballet Dancer
    Jennifer Canzoneri
  • Kristie Cordle
    Ballet Dancer
    Kristie Cordle
  • Denise Dabrowski
    Ballet Dancer
    Denise Dabrowski
  • Kristin Condon
    Ballet Dancer
    Kristin Condon
  • Charlene Grimsley
    Ballet Dancer
    Charlene Grimsley
  • Christine Krejer
    Ballet Dancer
    Christine Krejer
  • Erica Long
    Ballet Dancer
    Erica Long
  • Yvonne Montelius
    Ballet Dancer
    Yvonne Montelius
  • Jessica Neuberger
    Ballet Dancer
    Jessica Neuberger
  • Sara Rifkin
    Ballet Dancer
    Sara Rifkin
  • Elizabeth Rivera
    Ballet Dancer
    Elizabeth Rivera
  • Chelsa Sjostrom
    Ballet Dancer
    Chelsa Sjostrom
  • Pamela Hayden
    Featured Character Voice (voice)
    Pamela Hayden
  • Jayne Hess
    Featured Character Voice (voice)
    Jayne Hess
  • Michelle Madden
    Featured Character Voice (voice)
    Michelle Madden
  • Greg O'Neill
    Featured Character Voice (voice)
    Greg O'Neill
  • Neil Ross
    Featured Character Voice (voice)
    Neil Ross
  • Bill Wittman
    Featured Character Voice (voice)
    Bill Wittman