Archer - S09 (2018)

Season nine finds our hero, the barely functioning alcoholic seaplane pilot Sterling Archer, resting on a lovely island in the South Pacific circa 1939. While the rest of the world is concerned about the impending Second World War, Archer is only concerned with who’s buying his next drink. Along with his trusty co-pilot Pam, Sterling must navigate quicksand, cannibals, super-intelligent monkeys, poison darts, pirates, and did we mention quicksand?
  • Release
  • 2018
  • IMDb
  • 8.7
  • Duration
  • 22m
  • Quality
  • HD
  • H. Jon Benjamin
    Sterling Archer (voice)
    H. Jon Benjamin
  • Aisha Tyler
    Lana Kane (voice)
    Aisha Tyler
  • Jessica Walter
    Malory Archer (voice)
    Jessica Walter
  • Chris Parnell
    Cyril Figgis (voice)
    Chris Parnell
  • Judy Greer
    Cheryl Tunt (voice)
    Judy Greer
  • Amber Nash
    Pam (voice)
    Amber Nash
  • Lucky Yates
    Dr Krieger (voice)
    Lucky Yates
  • Adam Reed
    Ray Gillette (voice)
    Adam Reed

Archer helps defend a village from party crashers intent on ruining oysterfest.

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    June 13, 2018

    The Band finally close on a discovery.

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