Anne of the Indies (1951)

After seizing an English ship, buccaneer captain Anne Providence spares Pierre LaRochelle from walking the plank - as he's in irons he is presumably no friend of England. He signs on as a pirate and she is increasingly drawn to him, a feeling that seems to be reciprocated. When fearsome Captain Blackbeard, her teacher in the ways of pirating, sets eyes on LaRochelle he recalls him as a French navy officer. Anne sticks by her man but the truth, when it is uncovered, is even more painful.
  • Release
  • 1951
  • IMDb
  • 6.7
  • Duration
  • 1h 21m
  • Quality
  • HD
  • Jean Peters
    Captaine Anne Providence
    Jean Peters
  • Louis Jourdan
    Captaine Pierre François LaRochelle
    Louis Jourdan
  • Debra Paget
    Molly LaRochelle
    Debra Paget
  • Herbert Marshall
    Dr Jameson
    Herbert Marshall
  • Thomas Gomez
    Captaine Edward Teach alias Blackbeard
    Thomas Gomez
  • James Robertson Justice
    Red Dougal
    James Robertson Justice
  • Francis Pierlot
    Francis Pierlot
  • Sean McClory
    Sean McClory
  • Holmes Herbert
    English Sea Captain
    Holmes Herbert
  • Byron Nelson
    Bear Handler
    Byron Nelson
  • Douglas Bennett
    Bear Wrestler
    Douglas Bennett
  • Mario Siletti
    Slave Market Auctioneer
    Mario Siletti
  • Robert R. Stephenson
    Tavern Host (as Bob Stephenson)
    Robert R. Stephenson
  • Carleton Young
    Pirate Mate
    Carleton Young