American Dad! - S02 (2005)

Terrorists (and all you bed-wetting hippie-liberal types) beware! Ultra-right-wing C.I.A. agent Stan Smith is back, taking names, and, well, you know the rest. Join Stan, along with his hilariously off-beat family, as he spans the globe to make the world safe for democracy! If you are ready to support your country, and if you're ready for a widly outrageous animated farce from Mike Barker, Matt Weitzman and Seth MacFarlane, the creative mastermind behind Family Guy, you're ready for American Dad! Volume two. God bless America.
  • Release
  • 2005
  • IMDb
  • 7.4
  • Duration
  • 22m
  • Quality
  • SD
  • Wendy Schaal
    Francine Smith (voice)
    Wendy Schaal
  • Seth MacFarlane
    Seth MacFarlane
  • Rachael MacFarlane
    Hayley Smith (voice)
    Rachael MacFarlane
  • Scott Grimes
    Steve Smith (voice)
    Scott Grimes
  • Dee Bradley Baker
    Dee Bradley Baker
  • Curtis Armstrong
    Curtis Armstrong
  • Patrick Stewart
    Patrick Stewart
  • Eddie Kaye Thomas
    Eddie Kaye Thomas
  • Jeff Fischer
    Jeff Fischer (voice)
    Jeff Fischer